Surgical Technologists Salary Guide [Salary & Career 2021]

Surgical Technologist Salary Guide

What is the average salary for Surgical Technologists?

The average salary for a Surgical Technologists Job is around USD $46,900 [2018]

Surgical Technologists Quick Stats

Surgical Assistant Salary Summary
Surgical Assistant Salary Summary

Top Paying Industries for Surgical Technologists

Industries with the Highest Wages for Surgical Technologists

In the current market, professionals are looking to industries and careers that promise good job security and employment opportunities. After all, what good is a high paying position if you can’t get the job? In the surgical technician field, there are many different industries within the profession that promise great job security and ample opportunities to their high employment levels. And you can earn a solid income in these industries as well.

The good news is you can take more control in your career by pursuing the following industries within the surgical tech position that is high paying.

  • Health practitioners

Surgical techs working in offices of health practitioners are the highest paid surgical techs nationwide and can earn an average of $54,710 annually. Those working in employment services are also well-paid with an annual average salary of $47,630.

Physician’s offices and outpatient care centers are two industries with high employment levels for surgical techs. The salary of surgical assistants or professionals working in physician’s offices can go up to $40,320 annually and for those working in outpatient care centers it is $40,490.

  • Hospital Industry

Surgical techs working in the hospital industry have very good job prospects and a good salary as well. From a survey meant to find surgical technician salary, hospital surgical techs can earn an annual salary of $39,770 on average. Those working in specialty hospitals can make even more, with an average annual income of $42,420. In dentist offices, surgical technicians earn an average annual income of $37,340.

  • Ambulatory health care

Ambulatory health care is another top-paying industry in the profession and surgical techs in this area earn as much as $44,230 annually on average.

  • Educational Institutes

Educational institutes also offer solid income potential and surgical techs working in this industry earn an average of $43,130 annually. Finally, speciality hospitals offer the 5th highest paying positions for surgical techs with an average annual income of $42,420.

A career as a surgical technician requires skill, training, and hard work. You want to ensure you make the most of your education and maximize your earning potential. To do so, pursue high-paying niche industries within the profession and set goals for your career even before you begin training.

Surgical Technologists Profile Video

These figures show that the industries in the surgical technician profession with the highest employment level are also among the higher paying industries in the field. When you research your desired career, you can plan your training and career path and position yourself to enter the best industries at the right time. A successful career doesn’t have to be an accident. With information, you can take control of your career path and the make the most of your years in the work force.

US States with the Highest Wages

Surgical Technologists Salary Location
Surgical Technologists Salary Location
  1. District of Columbia –  $50,070
  2. California’s – $47,280
  3. Maryland – $47,270

Surgical technicians undergo many hours of training to enter the field. But where you live can be a huge factor in how much you earn as a surgical technician. When you work hard to start a new career, you want to maximize your earning potential and in this particular profession, that could mean relocating to a different state.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]The average surgical assistant salary varies widely nationwide.[/su_pullquote] In fact, salaries can vary as much as $15,000 annually from state to state. You will even find as much as a $5,000 difference among the five highest paying states in the country.

The starting salary for surgical techs working in the District of Columbia is the highest, making them the highest paid surgical techs in the country. They earn an average of $50,070 annually. However, the surgical techs working in the 5th highest paying state, Minnesota, earn $45,730. While this is still a great salary, it is significantly less than in D.C. You can imagine that salary differences in other states are even more dramatic.

California’s surgical techs earn an average of $47,280 annually while Maryland is a very close 3rd place, with its surgical techs earning an average of $47,270. In Nevada, salaries for surgical techs average $45,990 annually.

Geography will always influence salary and if you live in a low-paying area for your industry, this can be a negative thing. But if you’re looking for a pay raise and you don’t want to wait to gain more experience, you can always get paid to relocate!

US States with the Highest Employment Levels

  1. Tennessee – $37,490
  2. Kentucky, $35,060.
  3. Alabama $32,660.
  4. Mississippi $32,232
  5. West Virginia $31,760.

Salaries for surgical technicians can be quite different from state to state. In fact, the salary range for surgical technicians differs by more than $15,000 annually across the country. However, there is a catch when it comes to seeking the states in which you can earn the most in this profession. As you can imagine, surgical tech positions are in high demand in high paying states, which results in few job opportunities. In an age when job security is as good as gold, it pays to know where you can find the highest employment levels.

Tennessee currently promises the highest salary among states with the highest employment levels for this field. In Tennessee the salary of surgical assistants can average $37,490 annually. Its neighbor, Kentucky, is in the # 2 spot with an annually salary of $35,060.

Alabama is 3rd, promising an average income of $32,660. Mississippi is 4th with an average salary of $32,232, and West Virginia is in the fifth slot with an average salary of $31,760.

Most of these salaries are significantly lower than those in the highest paying states, which range from approximately $45,000 to $50,000 annually. However, it’s important to consider cost of living when calculating how far your dollar will stretch. While these salaries are lower, they are also available in areas with high employment levels and low costs of living. Living in low-cost areas makes it easier to live comfortably within your means.

US Cities with the Highest Wages

Surgical Technologists Salary Location
Surgical Technologists Salary Location
  1. Bethesda, Maryland  – $55,260
  2. Oakland, California – $54,920
  3. San Jose – $53,210
  4. San Francisco – $52,450
  5. Santa Rosa – $51,510

Thinking about relocating? Believe it or not, relocating to a new metropolitan area can greatly affect your income. It’s important to research average surgical technologist wages in the area you’re considering. You may be surprised at what you find. You could get an instant and even drastic pay increase.

[su_pullquote]For surgical technicians, salaries can vary a great deal from one city to the other.[/su_pullquote]The Bethesda, Maryland area is the highest paying metropolitan area in the country for surgical technicians. The surgical assistant salary here at an annual average of $55,260 makes them very well paid.

The next best place to live and work as a surgical tech is the San Francisco Bay region, with surrounding areas claiming the remaining slots in the top five highest paying areas in the country. Oakland, California is the 2nd highest paying area and surgical techs earn $54,920 annually. In San Jose, California, south of the bay, surgical techs earn $53,210 on average.  The San Francisco area is the 3rd highest paying metropolitan area with surgical techs earning $52,450 annually. And Santa Rosa, California, north of the bay, is the fifth highest, where surgical techs earn $51,510 as an annual average.

With high salaries like these, you might be tempted to pack up and take your surgical tech career to one of these areas. But it’s important to note the areas on this list are also among those with the highest cost of living in the entire country. Crunch some numbers before you start packing.

US Cities with the Highest Employment Levels

[su_pullquote align=”right”]While the South might not make headlines with high salaries, it remains one of the best regions in the United States to find and keep a job.[/su_pullquote] This is a strong point of persuasion with unemployment rates in the gutter all around the country. Throughout the economic downturn, housing and job markets in the American South have remained relatively stable and the surgical technician industry is no exception.

Surgical technicians enjoy the highest employment levels in metropolitan areas such as Chattanooga, Tennessee, Florence, South Caroline, Owensboro, Kentucky, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Professionals in this industry will find more job opportunities and better job security in this areas as well as a strong earning potential.

The pay scale for surgical technician in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the highest among metropolitan areas with high employment levels, with an annual average salary of $37,440. In Florence, South Caroline, surgical techs earn an average of $34,830 annually.

In Owensboro, Kentucky, surgical techs can expect to earn around $31,230 and in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the average is $30,650.

Some of the salaries are nearly half what surgical techs earn in other parts of the country. However, high salaries usually mean high competition for jobs as well as high costs of living. The cost of living in southern states remains reasonable and manageable for most Americans and surgical techs should be able to live comfortably in these salary ranges. What the South lacks in earning potential it makes up for in employment possibilities.

Surgical Technologists Salary Summary


10 YEAR JOB OUTLOOK  –  17% (Excellent)


 EDUCATION – Certificate associate’s
degree in surgical technology

NUMBER OF JOBS – 102,002

GENDER RATIO – Male 23 % to Female 67%

Source from Surgical Technologist Profile

Industries with the Highest Wages for Surgical Technologists
Industries with the Highest Wages for Surgical Technologists

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