Respiratory Therapists Salary Guide [Career & Salary 2021]

Respiratory Therapists Salary

The Average Respiratory Therapists Salary is USD $58,554 [2019]

Respiratory Therapist Salary Stats


 TYPICAL HOURS – 40-50hr Weekdays


NUMBER OF JOBS – 130,700 

EDUCATION – DEGREE / Certification 

GENDER RATIO – Male 35 % to Female 65 %

What is a Respiratory Therapist?

[su_note note_color=”#4eb4ed”]The respiratory therapists examine, treat, care and diagnose the respiratory disorders in the patients[/su_note]

Respiratory Therapist Video Guide

This includes the breathing problems and the other respiratory issues.

These technicians work directly under the supervision of the physicians.

They consult, assist and learn from their supervisors about the multiple tasks that they are required to perform being the respiratory therapists.

What do Respiratory Therapists do?

Respiratory Therapists Salary
Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory therapists job description

Their job task also includes their functions in emergency health care units, where there is an urgent need of the oxygen provision. They have to treat all kinds of patients including the infants, obese, elderly and also the intensive care patients of middle age. These patients majorly suffer from the various lung diseases that cause chronic asthma or other critical medical situations including heart attack, stroke, drowning and other related problems.

The technicians need to perform various jobs including:

  • Patient assessment,
  • Performing various tests,
  • Monitoring and analyzing the oxygen levels,
  • Using the Respiratory devices,
  • Testing the lung capacities of patients,
  • Proving artificial breathing,
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

These technicians help the physicians diagnosing the actual problems and in determining the possible deficiencies and the required treatments for that. They are just not required at the time of operation or in emergency situations, but their need is very important even after the surgeries. They also are very helpful in dealing with patients having chronic lung diseases.

These therapists can get the educational training from many institutes that provide on- campus as well as online educational programs to them. They can also do the specialized training courses later in various fields in respiratory care that may include disease prevention, pulmonary rehabilitation, emergency care, breathing problems and other such areas. The average employment growth rate of the respiratory technicians is continuously increasing, making the future prospects to be very bright for them.

The employment opportunities of the technicians

respiratory therapists
respiratory therapist

These technicians can get jobs in:

  • Respiratory care departments of the hospitals
  • Employment services
  • Nursing homes
  • Physician’s offices,
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Teaching posts in medical institutes.

Respiratory Therapists Pay Outlook

Respiratory Therapist Salary Outlook
Respiratory Therapist Salary Outlook

The growth rate is expected to be increased by 10% in the upcoming years.

The major reason for the growth in their demand is the increase in the respiratory disorders in the elderly age and especially in the middle-aged people. The diseases are the increased rate of heart attacks, shocks, pneumonia, cardiac problems, lung transplantations, and other chronic diseases.

Respiratory Therapist Education & Training

The job opportunities are very good especially for the technicians who have earned a certification or a Bachelors degree and have cleared the accredited licensing exam.

The Certified Respiratory Therapists are able to give further exams mainly to get the Registered Respiratory Degree. The test for Registered Respiratory is made to evaluate the advanced respiratory therapists and to put consistent standards for measuring their skills. These therapists can also apply for the Master’s degree later on to get the additional qualifications.

They earned an average annual income of around $58,000. The salaries vary depending on the locality and the type of practice.

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