Postal Worker Salary And Job Description Career Guide [2021]

Postal workers perform various tasks within a post office. They may receive letters, sell postal services, provide information and more. They may work in the front of a postal office or in the back sorting mail.

Postal Worker Salary

The postal worker salary is currently about $53,000 per year.

Unlike most careers out there, your postal worker wage does not depend on the amount of experience you have, the location that you work in or the hours you work. The job of postal workers is federally mandated so there really is not much of a variance in salary other than the amount of experience you have. Most states pay about $53,000 per year. This really does not vary much by location. Differences in location may include a $100 difference. Pretty much any post office that you work in offers the same postal worker salary. Experience is really the only factor that can affect the postal worker income. The starting salary for postal workers is $50,000 per year. The increases through the years do not reach more than $55,000 per year for the postal worker with more than twenty years of experience. Hourly postal worker salaries range from $24 to $27 an hour. The states that have the most postal worker jobs are Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. These states have a total of 1,900 jobs for postal workers.

Postal Worker Description

Postal workers have a variety of differing duties.

  • They work in a postal office at the desk and receive letters and packages that need to be shipped.
  • They take payments and provide service information.
  • They weigh letters and packages and affix the correct postage.
  • They register, certify and insure letters.
  • They obtain signatures and release packages to recipients for registered and special delivery mail.
  • They sell products such as envelopes, stamps and money. Complete forms for change of address, theft and special services such as priority and registered mail.
  • They check packages for damage or proper packing procedures. They must comply with federal regulations and federal agencies. These workers provide assistance for addressing and sending packages. They sort incoming and outgoing mail and put it into the correct piles or mail holes.
  • This may be done by hand or by the use of electronic mail sorting and scanning devices.

Postal Workers Education

There is no actual formal education that is required in order to become a postal worker. However, preference is given to retired military and selective service members. In order to apply for employment with the post office you need to be 18 years old, be able to lift fifty pounds, be a UScitizen or a permanent residential alien and be able to read and communicate in English. A criminal and background check will also need to be passed before you can be hired. In order to be hired, you must also pass a post office exam. This exam is only given during certain times so make sure to check with the post office you want to work at for available postal exam times. This exam is written and will cover your reading comprehension of names, addresses, and numbers. Once you pass the test you will be able to get hired at the postal office. Additional tests and checks may be required depending on the state that you work in. Check with your local post office.

Postal Worker Work Environment

The work environment for a postal worker is within a post office. All postal workers work in the same type of place. They work inside the post office where it is clean and well lit. The air is temperature controlled and nicely maintained. Work is not dangerous although it may be very repetitive at times. Postal workers may have to bend, stretch and reach for items. Some items may be very heavy and may require lifting and moving. Postal workers need to work fast and accurately and must be able to process mail among strict guidelines. There is very little chance for injuries in this profession. The average postal worker works a normal forty hours per week. But there are some who work part time. Overtime may be required for postal workers during the busy holiday season. Saturday work and early morning sorting hours may also be required as a part of this occupation.

Postal Worker Outlook

Postal workers are very important to our mail system. Without them we would have to depend on ourselves traveling and delivering our own items. The postal service takes a lot of the stress off of your hands. There are many reasons that you may enjoy working for the post office. It is a great job that offers a very nice postal worker salary. It also has many benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance and retirement benefits. Jobs are highly competitive but they offer many great benefits when you do get one.

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