Neurologist Salary Career [2021]

There are many factors which can influence just how much an individual in any job can earn per year. Some factors relate to demographics for example the size and population of the area in which the business is located; other factors are more directly linked to the individual themselves, for example the level of educationtraining and experience they have in their profession. According to research published in October 2014, the average annual salary for a neurologist stands at $230,000, though at least 50% of neurologists currently employed will be earning less.

According to the research those in the bottom 10% of earners were only achieving a salary of $173,000 per year, which could be because they are working in an entry level position, or indeed in a quiet, rural area. Those in the top 10% of earners were shown to be achieving an annual salary of $308,000 which would be appropriate for a neurologist in a densely populated metropolitan area with many years of training and experience behind them.

Neurologist Job Description

Neurology is regarded as one of the most challenging areas of medicine in which to work as there is still so much that is unknown about the brain and the way that it works.

There are many duties that the neurologist has to perform every day, including: Taking detailed medical histories from patients including getting them to describe in detail all of the symptoms that they are experiencing, and recording and maintaining detailed notes from each and every consultation, diagnostic test and treatment results. They are also required to perform diagnostic testing in order to understand the nature of an illness or disorder; this could be through medical imaging, simple blood tests or surgical investigations.

On the basis of the results supplied by the testing procedures the neurologist is then required to provide a diagnosis and develop a suitable treatment plan. The neurologist must discuss all of the possible treatment options with the patient and their families, advising them of the pros and cons of each option and the risks they involve to the patient, as well as the costs involved for each of the treatments. Neurologists are often also responsible for the supervision of junior and support staff. Teaching may also be a part of the role within a hospital.

Working Conditions

Working conditions are generally good; examination rooms are typically comfortable and well lit. However not all of the work that the neurologist carries out takes place in an office, if working in a hospital he will also be required to participate in ward rounds and other ward and treatment area activities.

It is not uncommon for a neurologist to spend much of the day on their feet. However it is very rare to find a neurologist who works a standard forty hour week. The hours can be long and demanding as there will be a requirement to be on call regularly and to be called in from home in the case of an emergency. Many neurologists report working a regular sixty hour week. It can be quite a stressful job as neurologists are constantly busy, often sacrificing their weekends for the job. Yes for those neurologists who opted for a career in research, they do get to enjoy a standard forty hour working week and much lower degree of stress than their colleagues involved in the medical side of the profession.

What is a Neurologist?

A neurologist is a medical professional who specialises in disorders of the nervous system. It is the nervous system which controls and coordinates all of the activities which take place in the body. The field of neurology covers the central nervous system which is the brain and spinal cord as well as the peripheral nervous system which includes all of the body’s sensory receptors such as eyes and skin.

A neurologist is trained to treat a wide range of disorders which affect these systems, including cerebrovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, brain infections, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord disorders and epilepsy.

Neurologist Hourly Income

Most statistics are based on an individual working a standard forty hour week, though in the medical profession this is rarely the case. Those having to work nights on call or weekend shift rotas regularly work more hours each week. If we were to consider a standard forty hour working week then the average neurologist would earn the average amount of hourly pay which stands at $94.00. Those at the bottom of the salary scale would earn $40.00 and those at the top $154.00 per hour.

NeurologistTop Metropolitan Areas

As mentioned previously it is the large, densely populated metropolitan areas which offer the greatest earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics the best salaries are available in Los Angeles – CaliforniaHouston – TexasChicago – IllinoisBoston – Massachusetts and New York – New York.

Neurologist Job Outlook

Employment levels for neurologists are projected rise along with almost all other medical professions.

This is due to the continued expansion of health care services across the country which is being driven by both a growing and an aging population. There is projected to be a much greater demand in the future for all kinds of medial specialism’s as people attempt to take care of their health as they age. Many medical schools and colleges have already increased the number of places available in order to meet what has been projected to be a high demand for medical expertise.


The years that a newly qualified doctor has to spend in residency can be some of the most demanding of their career. Thankfully residency is a paid position so there is some reward for all of the long hours, on call shifts and weekends which need to be worked. Residents are also granted a certain amount of vacation time each year of their residency too.

Currently neurology residents have fifteen days holiday that they can take each year, they are generally taken in three breaks of five days. Family emergencies which require leave are covered under the Family Medical Leave Act, but this must not be abused. The resident must abide by the rules and remain in good standing with those around him. Ten days of sick leave are allowed each year too, though if not used one year it cannot be carried over into the next.

Pediatric Neurologist Salary

According to research carried out in 2012 the average salary for a peediatric neurologist was in the region of $215,000 per year, compared to neurologists who were treating adult patients who were earning on average $246,000 per year. In 2012 the figures showed that the average wage for a pediatric neurologist had risen to $222,000 per year. This shows that just as the employment opportunities are set to increase the salary seems to be following suit.

Pediatric Neurologist Salary by State

It is well known that geographical location can have quite an impact on the level of salary which an individual can earn. Paediatric neurologists are no exception to this rule as salaries can vary considerably from one state to another.

Those employed in New York can expect a salary range of $85,000 – $245,000 while those who live and work in California will achieve a salary of $160,000 – $200,000.

In Illinois the salary averages at $80,000 per year, while for those in Michigan can expect an average of $67,000.

In Texas the average salary stands at $70,000 per year, in Florida the average salary is $68,000 annually and in New Mexico the average salary for a paediatric neurologist is $65,000.

All of which are a great deal higher than the average salary which can be achieved by peediatric neurologists working in Alaska as they can only expect to earn an average of $56,000 per year. There is little wonder then that people often move out of state to pursue the career that they want.

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