Multimedia Animators Artists Salary Guide [2021]

Top Paying Industries for Animators & Multimedia Artists

Industries with the Highest Wages

The animator profession isn’t what it used to be. Even now, most of us imagine animators with their art supplies and a flip book creating rugged cartoons. But the industry has change a lot over the years and there are now many different opportunities for animation professionals. In addition to traditional cartoon animation, animators work in countless different fields and industries. And some of those industries are more profitable than others.

For example, the highest paying industries for animation professionals are employment services, aerospace manufacturing, specialized design, video industries and information services. Animators working in employment services earn $68,200 on average. Those working in aerospace manufacturing earn an average annual income of $70,270. And in specialized design, animators earn only slightly more, with an average salary of $79,770.

Video industries and information services are the industries in which animators earn the most. In video industries, animators earn $71,910 on average. Animators working in information services earn the most of any other industries, with an average annual income of $76,110.

When choosing a path for you animation career, be sure to choose an industry where you stand to earn a good income. However, your industry isn’t the only factor determining your earning potential in this field. Location has as much, if not more, influence over your salary than the industry. But by choosing a high paying industry and well paying city, you can maximize your income as an animator or in any other profession.

Industries with the Highest Employment Levels

Animation can be a difficult field to break into. After all, you need a lot of training in order to keep up with the ever-changing technology that controls this industry. And, you need to be a skilled artist who is creative but also willing to fulfill the needs of your client or employer. On top of that, you have to complete with the many other talented and motivated people, who also want to have successful animation careers, for jobs.

Animation isn’t the only industry facing some stiff competition in the job market. And while it’s far from impossible to move into this field, it never hurts to take as many steps as you can to ensure your success. One way to increase your chances of a smooth transition is to choose an industry within the profession with high employment levels.

Animation industries with the highest employment levels are video industries, advertising services, computer services, software publishers, and specialized design services. In these high employment industries, you can also make a good living. In specialized design services, animators earn an average salary of $70,770. In the software publishing industries, animators can earn an average annual income of $64,820. Computer services animators earn as much as $57,820 annually. Those working in advertising services can earn an average salary of $57,740. And in video industries, also the highest paying industry, animators can $71,910 annually. By choosing an industry with high employment levels, you can enjoy job security and a good salary at the same time.

States with the Highest Wages

A career as an animator is the perfect avenue for artists. The profession allows artists to use their talents and abilities to product interactive products, such as movies or video games, that also reach large audiences. It’s a great way for artistic professionals to earn income while doing what they love. However, the animation industry is like many other industries in that its professionals have more opportunities in certain states. To maximize your earning potential in the animation business, you will want to get your career started in one of the highest paying states for animators.

For example, Nevada is one of the highest paying states for animators, with the average annual income at $60,700. New York is another high paying state for animators with an average annual income of $61,580. In Washington, animators earn $63,020 per on average.

These figures are sure to be exciting for any hopeful animator. However, they pale in comparison to the two highest paying states for animators, California and the District of Columbia. California is an ideal state for those in the animation field, as animation professionals earn an average of $77,820 annually. And in the District of Columbia, the highest paying state for animators, the average annual income is an impressive $78,470.

As you can see, you can earn a very nice income as an animator, especially if you live in the right state. If you’re aiming high in your career, consider California or the District of Columbia as your new home.

States with the Highest Levels of Employment

When considering a new career, it’s very important where your chosen field is in demand. Some individual state job markets have more demand for certain professions than others. And the animation field is no different.

The animation industry can be very competitive. Lots of people have dreams of using their artistic abilities in their work and animation is a very popular choice. Breaking into the field can sometimes be a challenge. However, you can improve your chances of getting your animation career off to a good start if you consider a state with high employment levels for animators. You might be able to find a great salary as well.

For example, Minnesota and Massachusetts are two states with high employment levels for animators. You can also earn a good income in these states, as Minnesota has an average income of $47,040 and Massachusetts has an average income of $55,310.

New York is among the highest paying states for animators and it also has a high employment level for the field. In New York, animators earn an average annual income of $61,580. Washington promises a good salary and good employment opportunities as well, with an average annual income of $63,020.

California may be your best bet if you want to jump-start your career as an animator. It has the highest employment level for the field and it is also the second highest paying state for animators. In California, animators earn an average annual income of $77,820.

Cities with the Highest Wages

When choosing any career, you want to know how and where you can make the best income. After all, the only thing better than having a career you love is having a career that also brings a good salary. Most people thing that maximizing income means having the best education, training, or skills. But you can significantly improve your income simply by living in metropolitan areas where people in your profession earn the highest salaries.

Incomes for animators can vary widely across the country. But if you live in the right metropolitan area, you can earn a very exciting salary in this profession. In the Austin-Round Rock, Texas area, animators can earn an average annual income of $74,530. This location is only one among the top five highest paying metropolitan areas that isn’t in California. If you want to earn big bucks as an animator, you might want to find a new home in the Golden State.

In Oakland, California, animators earn $74,730 on average. In the nearby San Francisco, California area, animators stand to earn an average annual salary of $78,780. Los Angeles, California is the second highest paying metropolitan area in the country for animators, with an average annual salary of $80,780. But San Jose, California tops them all, with an average annual income of $93,770.

Not sure which metropolitan area should be your new home? Always consider cost of living along with your salary, as a high cost of living can take a big bite out of your hard-earned cash.

Cities with the Highest Employment Levels

It is so important to live in an area that employs professionals in your field. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to build a career in a city that doesn’t support your industry. Not to mention, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s like trying to be a film actor in Denver, Colorado. Or trying to be a scuba instructor in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you want your career to have some momentum, sometimes you have to go where the momentum is.

In order to do that, you have to know which metropolitan areas have the highest employment levels for your field. In other words, where are professionals in your field in high demand? Some professions exist are strong in almost every city in the United States. But others depend more on location for success. The animation industry is one of those professions.

New York City, New York has a high employment level for animators as well as a strong salary, with animators earning average annual incomes of $63,390. In Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina, animators earn an average annual income of $52,880 as well as good employment levels. Seattle, Washington has the third highest employment level for animators and an average salary of $63,790.

San Francisco, California has one of the highest employment levels and one of the highest salaries, at $78,650. And Los Angeles, California, has the highest employment level and one of the highest salaries, at $80,780. If you want to move your animation career forward as much as possible, you want to live in a metropolitan area with high employment levels.


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