Interior Designers Salary Guide [2021]

Interior Designer Salary Guide

Interior Designer Background

Many young professionals dream of being interior designers. It’s a glamorous job after all. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days traveling around the world shopping for one-of-a-kind antiques, decorating celebrity homes, and shooting their own design show or even debuting their own home décor line. Life as an interior designer is a charmed one, isn’t it?

The truth is that this description is the exception rather than the rule. Interior designers with this type of career are far and few between. The trouble is that many interior design hopefuls think they can’t have a career in interior design unless they make it to this level.

Otherwise, they are doomed to earn pennies on the dollar as interns. However, lots of interior designers make a great living working in all sides of the industry. You can still use your creativity and realize your dream of becoming an interior designer if you embrace other avenues of the profession.

Industries with the Highest Wages for Interior Designers

Interior design services are needed for all kinds of industries.

  1. The Government is the highest paying industry with interior designers earning $70,900 annually.
  2. Employment services is the second highest paying industry, in which interior designers stand to earn as much as $69,780 in salary.
  3. Interior designers working as independent artists earn an average annual income of $65,660.
  4. Facilities support interior designers earn approximately $63,700 annually
  5. Merchant wholesalers earn an average salary of $58,640.

You have lots of options in the interior design industry. If you broaden your horizons, you increase your chances of making it to the top of the business.

Cities with the Highest Wages for Interior Designers

When you think of interior design, you probably think of the design capitals of the United States.

Places like New York City and Los Angeles are bound to have the greatest need for interior designers so they probably pay the most, right? While metropolitan areas like these certainly offer great opportunities for those in this industry, you just might be surprised at how much an interior designer can earn in other places around the country.

  1. New York, New York is definitely one of the highest paying metropolitan areas for interior designers. No surprises there. Interior designers in New York City earn an average annual income of $68,870.
  2. Interior designers earn a bit more in the Santa Barbara area, a ritzy community near Los Angeles, California. There, interior designers earn an average annual income of $70,960.
  3. In the Las Vegas-Paradise, Nevada area, interior designers are valued even more and earn average salaries around $71,210.
  4. In San Jose, California, interior designers earn an average income of $76,870 annually.

So what is the highest paying metropolitan area for interior designers? San Francisco? Dallas? Miami? The highest paying metropolitan area for the interior design profession is Grand Rapids, Michigan, where interior designers earn a whopping average annual income of $104,760.

With salary potential like that, almost anyone would be willing to shovel a little snow every once in a while. So forget subways and traffic and head for Michigan if you want to give your interior design career, and your income, a boost.

States with the Highest Wages for Interior Designers

Some careers have a very clear path for hopefuls to follow. Others require that you make your own way in order to succeed. Interior design is just one of those careers. The path to becoming a successful interior designer is not as defined as most professions. It requires a lot of hard work, connections, and raw talent.

If you have aspirations of becoming an interior designer, you might think your success in the field is left entirely to chance. However, there are some things you can control about your interior design career, one of them being location. The first step to earning a good living in this business is choosing a state in which interior designers are valued. You’ll not only find good career opportunities but great salary potential as well.

Interior designers make the most in Nevada, earning an average annual income of $67,110. New York is a close second, with interior designs earning $65,230 annually on average. In the District of Columbia, interior designers can expect to earn approximately $61,400 per year. Interior designers in Alaska are also paid quite well, earning an average annual income of $61,360. And in Hawaii, interior designers stand to make as much as $61,010 per year in average income.

Making it in a difficult industry like interior design requires strategic career moves and choosing the best environment for your chosen profession. You improve your chances of success when you live in a high-paying state for your profession.

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