Interior Decorator Salary And Job Description [2021]

Interior decorators are style professionals that plan, design and furnish homes and buildings. The meet with clients to determine what they want to achieve with their design in addition to providing samples and suggestions for designs.

Interior Decorator Salary

The interior decorator salary averages out nationally to $53,000 per year or $25 an hour. The amount that an interior decorator makes will depend on factors such as education, experience, type of specialty you work under, the type of industry you work in and more.

Certain industries also offer a better interior decorator wage than others do.

  • The top paying industries for interior decorators are management companies
  • technical consulting firms
  • newspaper
  • periodical publishers
  • The federal executive branch of the government
  • Used merchandise stores.

Interior decorators that work for management companies offer interior decorating incomes of $61,000 per year. Technical consulting firms offer interior decorator incomes of $65,000 per year. Newspaper and periodical publishers offer an interior decorator salary of $67,000 per year. Jobs within the federal executive branch of the government offers a interior decorator pay rate of $72,000 per year. The top salary can be found in working in used merchandise stores. In this industry, the average interior decorator salary is $73,000 per year. Although these industries pay more than the average, jobs in these industries are harder to come by.

Interior Decorator Description

Interior decorators meet with clients to determine the scope of the design.

  • They may discuss topics such as design elements, purpose, style, function and budget.
  • They may advise the client on design and provide samples for designs that could be done.
  • They may suggest design elements including color coordination and functions.
  • They may coordinate with other design and construction professionals such as architects, engineers and plumbers.
  • They estimate materials and design costs and present the design to the client for approval.
  • They select the design, purchase materials, art work and accessories for the space and design. Interior decorators may subcontract certain things to other professionals such as carpeting, fixtures, paint and wall covering, draperies and more.
  • They may review construction plans and oversee subcontractors work. Interior decorators may use computer assisted drafting software to produce construction elements and designs.
  • They render their design ideas in the form of paste ups or drawings.

Interior Decorator Education

Most interior decorating jobs are looking for applicants with a bachelor’s degree in interior design, computer aided drawing, art or other types of art degrees. Any degree is generally acceptable but art degrees will take preference. There are more than three hundred courses that have been accredited by the National School of Art and Design. The bachelor’s degree in interior design will take four years to complete.

Courses of study will include:

  • intro to interior design
  • elements of design
  • history of interiors
  • drawing and composition
  • architectural design
  • quick sketching
  • color theory
  • architectural drafting
  • textiles
  • critical thinking
  • building codes and standards
  • ideas in art philosophy and values
  • lighting design
  • environmental studies
  • building systems, materials and applications, digital design and other topics

Several projects may be required and learning will be a combination of classroom and hands on learning. Upon graduation you will be eligible to take the NCIDQ exam so that you may obtain your license. Check with your state for all of the requirements. Typically you will need a bachelor’s degree and applicable work experience to qualify.

Interior Decorator Work Environment

The work environment for an interior decorator is typically in an nice and comfortable office space. Work spaces will typically include a drafting tables, computer desk and computer. Travel to client’s locations may be a large part of this job. You will have to work as a part of a large team and you may have to supervise the work of others. Decorators can be employed within several different industries including construction, fashion and architectural among others. Some may work for a design firm and some may work for their own business or from their own homes. The work schedule for interior designers can vary depending on current projects and if any problems arise. The majority of interior decorators work a normal forty hours per week. Many will work as much as eighty hours or more per week.

Interior Decorator Outlook

The career of an interior decorator can be a very lucrative and interesting career. It is a career in which you will get to spread your creative wings and provide the space that your clients have dreamed of. There are many different industries that you can work in as an interior decorator which makes the work that you do interesting. It is also a job that has various work locations so you will not get bored easily. It is also a career that has a great growth potential for the future. There is a nineteen percent expected increase in jobs to added within the next few years. This alone makes deciding on this job as your career a great move.

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