Industrial Engineer Salary Guide [Salary Guide 2021]

Industrial Engineers Salary Guide

The average salary range package for an industrial engineer is $79,524 ($38/h)

Industrial Engineer Salary Stats

  • NUMBER OF US JOBS – 409,700 
  • COMMON EDUCATION – Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering
  • HOURS – 40-60hrs Weekday – 83% FULL-TIME vs 17% PART-TIME
  • GENDER PROFILE – Female 26 % Male 74 %
  • AVERAGE SALARY – $79,554

What does an Industrial Engineer do?

A professional engineer who oversees all the operations:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Quantity and quality in manufacturing

Industrial Engineer Industries

Industrial Engineer details
Industrial Engineer Industries

Some of the popular industries where these professionals are hired and paid good salary packages to include:

  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Automobile spare parts manufacturer
  • Defence

Top companies hiring for Industrial engineers:

  • Boeing
  • GM
  • Ford
  • GE

Education for Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers need a bachelor’s degree, typically in industrial engineering.

Industrial Engineer Salary

Industrial Engineer Salary Guide
Industrial Engineer
Salary Guide

Industrial engineer salaries vary depending on education, experience, industry and state of employment.

Starter Salary

Industrial engineering is a specialized branch in engineering. This branch of engineering is very vast and offers plenty of opportunities compared with other branches of engineering. Industrial engineers play a very important role in the overall development and increase the productivity of the company. These professionals are mainly hired in industries like manufacturing and production units.

The starting salaries for these industrial engineers are less compared with experienced industrial engineers. Starting salary range packages mostly vary as per the educational qualification of the candidate. A bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering candidate is paid less starting salary than a master’s degree in industrial engineering candidate. Almost all industries for entry-level professionals pay salary range as given below.

                                          Starting Median salary range                          
Median salary per annum $48,845
Median salary per hour $37.10

Starting annual pay salary packages may be less compared with experienced industrial engineers but after obtaining experience a consistent hike in annual salary range can be seen by the candidate based on his performance. When compared with other entry-level engineering branch professional’s industrial engineer’s starters are paid best salary packages.

B. Average Salary

The average median salary for industrial engineers is following below

                     Average Median Salary for an Industrial Engineer
Basic Salary range $44,225 $83,295
Bonus $960 $10,160
Profit sharing $515 $8,325
Total pay salary Earnings $41,770 $87,230

The minimum salary range package for an industrial engineer is $41,766 per annum and a maximum amount of $87,228 is earned by this professional.

The total salary range packages include all extra benefits like bonus, profit share, commission and extra allowances like medical, dental, vision, accident reimbursements etc. The average median salary for these engineers also varies based on their work location.

C. Experienced and levels salaries

Experience plays a very important role for career growth and development for any professional. For industrial engineers work, the experience is compulsory to attain higher designations in the company. The below table displays the annual salary range packages for industrial engineers based on their number of years of work experience. From the table, it is very clear that salaries for these professionals vary widely based on their number of years of work experience. The annual salary range package includes bonus, benefits, commission and other allowances.

Number of years work experience                                             Annual Salary Range
With less than one year experience $39,605 $65,620
1- 4 years $40,495 $70,925
5-9 years $50,155 $84,420
10-19 years $50,265 $90,665
20 years and more $58,305 $112,010

Some of the employers also fix salary range packages for these industrial engineers on an hourly basis. Companies who hire these professionals on contract basis pay salaries per hour. Even the hourly salary rate also varies as per the candidate experience levels in the industry.

Number of years work experience                            Hourly Salary Range
With less than one year experience $10.15 $21.35
1- 4 years $13.95 $29.105
5-9 years $18.35 $41.40
10-19 years $23.55 $51.55
20 years and more $18.80 $72.15

Bonus in salaries is based on their performance. Even bonus for these professionals is based on a number of years work experience. The shown below table displays bonus in salaries for industrial engineers based on the number of years of work experience. As the number of a years work experience increases bonus of the candidate also increases equally.

Number of years work experience Bonus in Salary
With less than one year experience $2,505
1- 4 years $2,035
5-9 years $3,525
10-19 years $4,005
20 years and more $5,060

Industrial Engineer Salary Location

One of the primary factors that influence salaries of these industrial engineering professionals is their work location. Based on the State or province annual salary range packages of these professionals vastly vary as shown below

Name of the state or province                            Annual Salary Range
California $41,205 $94,835
Pennsylvania $40,445 $82,275
Texas $45,175 $81,565
Georgia $41,825 $82,285
Florida $44,675 $81,670
Illinois $42,675 $80,550
Ohio $41,805 $78,155

On an average, the salary range packages per annum for industrial engineers is almost same in all states in America but very slight changes are seen in the annual packages from the above table. Even extra benefits like bonuses, commission, profit share and other allowances also vary as per the state in America.

Some of the top paying states in the U.S. for industrial engineers are as follows

Name of the state Annual salary package
Wyoming $87,095
District of Columbia $95,885
Maryland $89,035
New Mexico $90,525

Even salaries and other pay packages for these industry professionals also vary based on the cities in various states in America. Highly populated cities like New York, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco pay top-of-the-line salaries for industrial engineers.

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