Hospitality Industry Salary Guide [Average Salary 2021]

Hospitality Salary Guide

Work need not always be backbreaking, there are a number of jobs that are enjoyable and always just need a smile of your face. This is definitely a job in the hospitality sector. Many times when a child is deciding, on the next step in education, parents always look only at a more professional course such as medicine, engineering, architecture or the management field.

The hospitality sector is disregarded by a majority and it is a high paying sector. Before making a career choice, it is important to be sure of what you want to do, and to go by your gut. An individual is the best judge, and have to ensure that you are happy in what you do, for the rest of your life.

Hotel and resorts

The hotel industry, offers a wide array of job opportunities and this can be both management and non-management jobs. The comfort is obtained from looking after the customers and making them feel relaxed, and the stress levels are much lower in contrast to the other sectors. A course in hotel management or administration would be ideal to lead you to this path. Many colleges offer diploma courses in the field of hospitality. The job offerings vary from the front desk, duty managers and work in the culinary departments.

As per the financial perspective the salaries are very competitive in the market and employees also get good incentives and also other non-financial perks. The more senior an individual becomes, one can own the powerful titles such as Director of hotel operations, Director of sales and food and beverage.

Logistics planner

In the olden times, such a job was not heard of, with the world becoming a small place and with the ultimate connectivity; the role of a logistics planner has increased in folds. The duties would vary within the logistic department itself. For employees working in the hotels and resorts it would involve booking and organizing clients travel plans, whereas in the case of a huge convention center it would involve, arranging for conferences and meeting and the planning in this regard.

Catering jobs

A lot of people desire to be an entrepreneur, and a perfect job in this sector would be starting your own catering firm. Individuals, who are interested in cooking and creating exciting food can get a diploma in hospitality and get certificated in commercial cooking, and specialize in the kind of cuisine they love to carry out like Asian cooking or patisserie.

It is a very satisfying job to see others enjoying your food and can cater for various events, and it is a very profitable business and it is exceptionally important to have a good reputation.

The hospitality industry is vivacious and fascinating, and many people shy away from this sector. It is time to realize that the salaries, offered are really superior and offers a dynamic work environment, with a lot of basic needs paid for. If you are fascinated by this industry, take the right step, and achieve your dream.

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