Health Information Management Salary Guide [Salary & Career 2021]

health information management salary

Health Information Management (HIM) Salary Guide

The Average Health Information Management Salary is USD $48,554 [2018]

What is the Health Information Management Job?

To start off with a lot of people don’t know what health information management is, but it is a fast-growing field with a lot of positive options.  A main focus of the job is the keeping secure and organized the records of the people under care.  This is a field that is new and growing as more offices and hospitals use digital files that must be secure.  Due to the growing demand for health care and the new digital age, this is a field with secure job prospects.  If you are looking for a good salary in a growing field of health information management is something you should look into.

Health Information Management Education

Even though it is a growing field the health information sector does require education, and it is important that you get a college degree from a good school if you want to get a good health information management salary.  A guidance person at your school or other professionals can help guide you along the way. With the right mix of education and work experience, you should expect to get a good health information management salary.  Most people in this field have some form of computer-related major.

Health Information Management Tasks

Health Information Management Tasks
Health Information Management Tasks

The main job of health it professional is keeping secure and in the correct order the health-related documents for the hospital or office.  Keep in mind these are sensitive files so being professional and keeping them secure is very important.  In addition as with anything dealing with the person’s health making sure they are accurate is also very important.

Health Information Management Industries

You can see health information jobs open in a number of different settings such as with:

  • insurance companies
  • hospital billing
  • a medical software company

Health Information Management Salary Outlook

Health Information Management Salary Outlook
Health Information Management Salary Outlook

In the United States, you will find many health-related IT careers many of which starting out pay over $30,000 and a manager with a large health company might make 6 figures.  This is a new field with lots of growth opportunities for graduates and experienced professionals.  In most cases these jobs are typical, but as with any medical jobs, you might find places like hospitals that will need people to work evening or night shifts.

As with any position the salary will depend in part on your experience, the setting, and your education level.  Since we are talking about health information management you will find the health information management salary is more than a new worker starting out in this field.

The outlook for health information management (HIM) is Strong. The U.S. Labor Dept predicts that employment of medical and health services managers will grow by 25% between 2018 and 2028—far outpacing the average for all occupations in the United States.

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