Database Administrator Salary Guide [Salary Guide 2021]

Database Administrator Salary

On average, the database administrator salary can be anywhere between $50,000 and $85,000

Database Administrator Salary Stats

  • $60,480 MEDIAN SALARY
  • 209,700 NUMBER OF JOBS

What is a Database Administrator?

In this new era of information technology, data and information are central and a key aspect of any company’s business activities. This data and information must be logged, backed-up, protected but most importantly easily available for staff to use to make crucial business decisions. As a result, there must be people in charge of managing this data and these people are called database administrators. Due to the importance of such a function to the organization, a database administrator will make a pretty good database administrator salary.

What is Database Administrator Job-like?

For example, the Database Admin from outline the daily duties of a database administrator are:

  • Create the database and processors used to record, manage and maintain a company’s database.
  • Ensure that the server is running and that the databases are regularly backed-up in case the servers go down.

What Skills are required for Database Administrator?

database administrator skills
database administrator skills
  • Learn structured query language (SQL)
  • Learn database management systems (DBMS).
  • Knowledge of Database and IT Systems

What Education is required for Database Administrator?

You could get into Database Administrator:

  • Get a computer science degree
  • Get a Database Certification from Oracle / Microsoft
  • Learn structured query language (SQL) and database management systems (DBMS).

A database administrator needs to have a certain level of education, training and certification. They need to have knowledge about the different database software that a company may use. The highest the level of education and certifications, the higher the database administrator salary. Those who have a lot of years of experience and a high number of certifications usually end up getting promoted to a senior database administrator or a database administrator manager and these people are on the high range of the database administrator salary.

Database Administrator Salary

On average, the database administrator salary can be anywhere between $50,000 and $85,000.

This is on the higher end of the range of nationwide average salaries. As it was previously said, the salary is affected significantly by the years of experience.

Following is the range of yearly database administrator salary based on years of experience:

  • Less than one year of experience: $35,000 to $50,000
  • One to four years of experience: $40,000 to $65,000
  • Five to nine years of experience: $55,000 to $80,000
  • Ten to nineteen years of experience: $65,000 to $95,000
  • Over twenty years of experience: $75,000 to $100,000

Now the database administrator salary also heavily depends on the level of education and the number of specialized certifications. Most database administrators have completed a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in computer science. Those with a master’s degree earn significantly higher. Their average salary is $90,000 compared to those with a bachelor’s degree who earn on average only $65,000.

There are some states in the United States that pay a higher database administrator salary than others. California and New York are home to some big company headquarters. California is known as the technology capital of the world and many database administrators are located there. Therefore database administrators in California earn an average salary of nearly $85,000. A similar average is expected in New York as well.

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