Cyber Security Salary Guide [Salary, Education, Training 2021]

cyber security salary

Average Salary for Cyber Security is $96,910

Cyber Security Salary Quick Stats


10 YEAR JOB OUTLOOK  –  27% (Faster than average)

 WORK ENVIRONMENT – Government, Corporation & Law enforcement. 

 EDUCATION – Computer Science Degree

NUMBER OF JOBS – 101,002

What is Cyber Security?

In general, cybersecurity is a liability when a computer is a source or destination instrument of a crime. Crimes such as cyber-stalking, hacking, identity theft and embezzlement have become the crimes of the new millennium and the need for experts to help identify, investigate, analyze and prevent computer crime has increased.

Talk to the FBI and they probably say that cybercrime is not going away anytime soon. So if you’re career in cybercrime security may be the way forward.

What is required for a job in Cybersecurity?

cyber security salary

Having a degree in cybersecurity and security is not necessarily required to take the field, like the most career with a course of four years.

A solid background in the field of basic technology, including A +, Network + and CCNA, offers conferences in cryptography, security operations and practices of safety management. information security as a career in computer security goes beyond the computerCybercrime career research positions with as the FBI.

Also, as we learn more about computers and the Internet, the range of career opportunities in cyber-security continues to grow.

What are the Duties of CyberCrime Analyst?

For example, a Cybercrime Analyst from Similar Alternatives Services outline the daily duties of a CyberCrime Analyst are:

  • Review charts for the embedded code
  • Review encryption
  • Using mathematics breaking codes
  • Investigation of cybercrime and the collection,
  • Analysis and investigation of crime
  • Computer forensics digital paths.

CyberCrime Salary?

cyber security analyst

The importance of organizations of privacy protection to computer security is important and profitable. Of course, much depends on your training and experience, but the figures show the average pay for an analyst of information security is $ 69,000 per year, while the average cyber-network engineer at $ 77,000 per year and the average salary of an investigator of cybercrime is $ 96,000 per year.

There are literally dozens of different types of jobs positions in cybersecurity:

  • Information security analysts
  • Cyber-test engineers
  • Cyber-network for engineering careers steganography

More info on CyberSecurity:

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