Corrections Officer Salary And Job Description Guide [2021]

Corrections officers guard and protect inmates within a jail or rehabilitation center. This may include transporting prisoners between jails, courts, prison or other approved places. The job of a corrections officer is very stressful and can be dangerous at times.

Corrections Officer Salary

The job of a corrections officer is very important. The current corrections officer salary is $43,000 per year or $21 an hour.

The amount that a corrections officer makes will depend on the amount of experience you have, the type of place you work and even the location of the United States that you work in. Experience is very important to the corrections officer salary. The starting corrections officer income will start at $27,000 per year. This amount will steadily increase with more and more experience.  By the time you have five years of experience the corrections officer salary will increase to $31,000 a year. At ten years of experience the corrections officer pay rate increases to $39,000 a year. Fifteen years of experience will increase the corrections officer wage to $54,000 per year. The top salary can be obtained once you have at least twenty years of experience. At this level of experience the average corrections officer salary is $69,000 per year. Increases in these amounts may also be possible depending on the type of place you work.

Corrections Officer Description

Corrections officers perform various duties within a jail or rehabilitation center. Their main job is to monitor prisoners conduct during work and recreation times. This is done by following strict guidelines and regulations. They process and book convicted felons into the jail. They conduct head counts at various times during the day to ensure all convicts are present. They inspect locks, doors, windows and gates to ensure that escape is not possible. They record info for each prisoner including identification, current charges, incidence of disturbance and daily logs of prisoner activities. They maintain records for prisoners and their charges. The conduct searches on prisoners vehicles and cells for weapons and drugs. They may have to use weapons, handcuffs or physical force to discipline prisoners and maintain order among all the prisoners in the system. They inspect mail for contraband before handing out to prisoners. They guard the entrances of the facility to ensure the facility stays safe. They screen visitors into the jail at appropriate times.

Corrections Officer Education

In order to become a corrections officer, you will need to obtain your high school diploma. Law enforcement and military experience may be transferred for credit in place of college credits. Many corrections officers may obtain a associates degree in law enforcement, criminal justice or other types of police studies. Working in a federal prisoner may require a bachelor’s degree. Courses of study will include constitutional law, peacekeeping, criminal investigations, record keeping, interpersonal and interpersonal skills, computer skills and more. Once you have graduated you can start applying for a position in a jail or correctional facility. Many jobs will require passing an aptitude test and require an age of less than 37 years of age. You must also be a US citizen and be able to pass a background check. A drug test will also be given in addition to a credit and job history check. Once hired you will be required to complete several hours of training that will usually take about a year to complete. This may include specialized training depending on the facility you work in.

Corrections Officer Work Environment

The work environment for a corrections officer is typically within a jail, correctional facility or rehabilitation center. The work is typically highly stressful and can be very dangerous as you will be handling very dangerous criminals. Some correctional facilities may be well lit and temperature controlled and some may be hot, dank and overcrowded. They may be more apt to get injuries in this occupation than in others. Physical injury is also very normal. This is due to having such a physical job. They may also be exposed to all types of diseases and illnesses. This is a job that requires a high level of alertness and will require many hours on their feet. Anxiety is common amongst corrections officers due to the nature of the job. Corrections officer typically work a rotating full time schedule which may include over night, weekend and holiday hours.

Corrections Officer Outlook

Corrections officers provide a very important service in the prison system. There are many reasons to become a corrections officer. In the future there is also an average rate of growth expected within the next couple of years. By the year 2020, there is an expected increase in jobs to be added to the job market. There will be about 25,000 jobs added for correctional officers. This means that becoming a correctional officer may be a great idea for you and your future.

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