Commercial Diver Salary And Job Description [2021]

A commercial diver is a trained professional that works under water to install, repair and remove underwater equipment and structures. They may also conduct experiments and photograph marine life.

Commercial Diver Salary

Commercial diving is an occupation in which you will make a lucrative salary. The current average commercial diver salary is $59,000 per year nationally.

The commercial diver income will depend on several factors:

  • Including the type of diving and repairs you do,
  • The amount of experience that you have
  • Your training,
  • The type of place you work among other things.

Like with most careers, the amount of experience you have not only dictates the type of jobs you can get, but it also has a lot to do with the amount of the commercial diver income. Starting out with little or no experience a commercial diver can make a pay rate of $32,000 per year. This will steadily increase as you gain more experience. A diver with five years of experience will make a commercial diver wage of $38,000 per year. With ten years of experience the commercial diver salary will increase to $53,000 per year. After you have at least fifteen years of experience the commercial diver pay rate will increase to $71,000 per year. The top wages can be found for commercial divers with twenty years of experience or more in the field. At this advanced level of experience the commercial diver salary range is at $95,000 per year

Commercial Diver Description

  • Commercial divers inspect and test docks, buoy systems, underwater pipelines, cables and sewers with the use of underwater photography and closed circuit television.
  • They also may repair bridge foundations and other types of underwater structures.
  • They use a variety of tools including caulk, hand tools, drills, sledgehammers, nuts and bolts and various types of welding equipment.
  • Commercial divers collect information about diving tasks and environmental conditions.
  • They check and maintain their diving equipment including helmets, masks, air tanks and gauges.
  • They take appropriate precautions such as checking diving conditions, lengths and depths and registering dives with authorities before hitting the water.
  • They also must maintain communications with workers above the surface while underwater by using telephones and signal lines. Commercial divers may also recover large items from the sea by using rigs and hooking them to crane lines. They may operate winches, derricks and cranes when lifting items.
  • They may weld underwater structures or install footings for piers and bridges.

Commercial Diver Education

In order to become a commercial diver you will need to complete a training course or attend a diving school.

  1. The first step is to choose the type of diving that you want to do. Specializations include construction and repair, salvage, rescue  and welding.
  2. Once you decide on the specialization you want to go into you can choose a diving school or program that teaches you the proper techniques and procedures. Many diving schools and training classes offer training in air and mixed gas commercial diving and welding courses. Training typically takes place in an underwater classroom for four weeks.
  3. Then students are moved to a real open water training body of water. This body of water will include real conditions such as low visibility and swift moving waterways.
  4. Additional training may take place in a deep water training facility also.
  5. This will include advanced training techniques. Commercial divers also need to be certified in first aid and CPR. They will need to take and pass a commercial diving certification test also.

Commercial Diver Work Environment

The work environment for a commercial diver is typically underwater in the lowest parts of the sea or ocean. Strict guidelines and procedures must be followed at all times to ensure that a diver remains safe. Commercial divers may have to handle lots of stress and need to be in very good shape physically and mentally due to the nature of the work. Some may perform simple maintenance of equipment while others may be a part of a search and rescue team or provide underwater welding services. At times this can be a very dangerous job as you may come into contact with all kinds of sea animals and problems may occur with your equipment. The majority of commercial divers work a normal full time schedule. Hours may vary due to the type of work you do.

Commercial Diver Outlook

Commercial diving offers many benefits to anyone who decides to do this for a living. It offers a great salary, nice benefits and a fun and interesting way to make a living. Not many people can say that they get paid to dive into the water and explore the underwater world. Divers are in high demand at this time due to the need for underwater oil rigs and maintenance of these rigs. There are many different job opportunities available for well trained and experienced commercial divers.

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