Clinical Psychologist Salary Guide [Career & Salary 2021]

Clinical Psychologist Salary Guide

The Average clinical psychologist salary is $63,554 USD [2019]

Clinical Psychologist Salary Stats


 TYPICAL HOURS – 40-60hrs Flexible


NUMBER OF JOBS – 309,700


GENDER RATIO – Male 35 % to Female 65 %

What is a Clinical Psychologist?

Psychologists get to help people each and every day, and most find it perfectly comfortable to live on a clinical psychologist salary.

A Clinical Psychologist Salary can be quite High indeed and Clinical psychology is a highly appealing career to many interested in medicine. Even as the field expands into other areas of society, particularly into corporate settings, careers in clinical psychology remain in high demand.

How to become a clinical psychologist?

Becoming a clinical psychologist is not a simple task, but it is certainly achievable for those willing to spend several years in higher education and psychology school or psychology classes.

Most practitioners go through at least six years of school to get their Master’s degree and some even precede another two for their Doctorate.

Some, attempting to practice with only a four-year degree, and while many states allow them to do so, competition for such positions is fierce.  Salary increases for clinical psychologists with experience, and as such most who begin their careers with only a Bachelor’s degree wind up returning to school later in life.

All states require additional licensure and certification to practice either alone or with an organization.

Clinical Psychologist Salary Graphic

clinical psychology salary
clinical psychology salary

Depending on the credentials of the individual, the salary potential for clinical psychologists can be quite high.  Salaries typically start around $45,000, but the highest-qualified workers can often make upwards of $150,000 each year.  The median clinical psychologist salary is $64,140, a number which varies greatly depending on the circumstances surrounding the position.  Those with their own private practice make considerably more than others in the field, and such a step is typically made once workers have earned several years of experience.  High paying positions can be found for those with less experience right out of psychology school, although they are more difficult to find.

Clinical Psychologist Outlook

Clinical Psychologist Salary Outlook
Clinical Psychologist Salary Outlook

Following enormous growth in the past 40 years, the field of clinical psychology continues to grow at a moderate rate.  Those willing to get a full education in the field will likely have little difficulty finding well-paying, open positions, but other specializations of psychology are growing at a faster rate.  Those who do not have terminal degrees will find as clinical psychologist salary potential to be lower than their peers.  However, even those working in less than optimal positions can often find outlets through which they can supplement their income, such as teaching psychology at local schools and universities, or by working with multiple medial agencies.  Those with at least some experience and a rounded education have reasonable job assurance and need not worry about being out of work for long.

Finally, clinical psychologists are responsible for serving patients in a more traditional way.  While technology and science have rapidly altered the way they operate, much of a psychologists work is done seated beside a relaxing patient, talking to them in an effort to alleviate their problems.  In return for his or her hard work and years of education, a clinical psychologist earns a respectable salary, maintains a comfortable lifestyle and still gets the satisfaction of helping others daily.

Ultimately clinical psychologists are practising medicine to help their patients, contributing to society in a way few other professionals can.

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