Border Patrol Salary Guide [2018]

Border Patrol Salary

Average Salary for Border Patrol in the US is - $69,554 Border Patrol Salary Stats $69,554 MEDIAN SALARY 38-40 Incl Evening/Weekends TYPICAL HOURS 6.7% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 109,700 NUMBER OF JOBS What is a Border Patrol Job? A career in law enforcement, particularly the quest to become a border patrol agent will have you actually watching over the national

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Industrial Engineer Salary Guide [2018]

Industrial Engineers Salary Guide

The average salary range package for an industrial engineer is $79,524 ($38/h) Industrial Engineer Salary Stats AVERAGE SALARY - $79,554  UNEMPLOYMENT RATE - 6.7%  NUMBER OF US JOBS - 409,700  COMMON EDUCATION - Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering HOURS - 40-60hrs Weekday - 83% FULL-TIME vs 17% PART-TIME GENDER PROFILE - Female 26 % Male 74 % What does an Industrial Engineer do?

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Agricultural Scientist Salary Guide [2018]

Agricultural Science

Average Salary for an agricultural scientist is $62,910 Agricultural Scientist Salary Stats MEDIAN SALARY - $62,910    TYPICAL HOURS - 40-45hr Weekdays UNEMPLOYMENT RATE - 8.7%  NUMBER OF JOBS - 43,700  EDUCATION - DEGREE / Certification  GENDER RATIO - Male 65 % to Female 35 %   What Is an Agricultural Scientist? The first thing we should distinguish agronomy

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Health information management salary Guide [2018]

health information management salary

Health Information Management (HIM) Salary The Average Health Information Management Salary is USD $48,554 [2018] What is the Health Information Management Job? To start off with a lot of people don’t know what health information management is, but it is a fast-growing field with a lot of positive options.  A main focus of the job

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Social Worker Salary Guide [2018]

Social Worker Guide

Average Social Worker Salary is $26,500 Social Workers Salary Stats MEDIAN SALARY - $26,500 10 YEAR JOB OUTLOOK  -  5.3% (Faster than average)  WORK ENVIRONMENT - Medical, Schools, Family, Mental health social workers.  EDUCATION - Social Work Degree NUMBER OF JOBS - 651,002 GENDER RATIO - Male 19 % to Female 81% What is Social Worker? Common Social Workers Skills

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Surgical Technologists Salary Guide [2018]

Surgical Technologist Salary Guide

What is the average salary for Surgical Technologists? The average salary for a Surgical Technologists Job is around USD $46,900 [2018] Surgical Technologists Quick Stats Top Paying Industries for Surgical Technologists Industries with the Highest Wages for Surgical Technologists In the current market, professionals are looking to industries and careers that promise good job security and

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Massage Therapist Salary Guide [2018]

Massage Therapist Salaries Massage Therapist Job Description Massage therapists use touch to manipulate soft-tissue muscles of clients for either therapeutic or relaxation purposes. They have over 80 types, or modalities, of massage to select from, each of which requires a certain technique. Most therapists specialize in a few modalities to provide massages ranging from five

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Graphic Designer Salary Guide [2018]

Graphic Designers Salary

Graphic Designer Salaries Graphic designers earned a mean annual wage of $48,140, Graphic Designer Job Description Graphic designers are responsible for planning, analyzing, and creating electronic and print media in order to convey the desired message. Graphic designers use: Type Colour Animation Photography Illustrations Different layout and print techniques available from computer software packages. In

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