Surgical Assistants salary

Surgical Assistants

The average annual income of surgical assistants is around $75 000 (US) Surgical Assistants Quick Stats $75,00 MEDIAN SALARY 1.7% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 70,700 NUMBER OF JOBS Surgical Assistant Job Description Surgical assistants advise the patients and explain to them everything concerning the operation that is to be performed. They also determine the surgical equipment that is to be

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Clinical Psychologist Salary

Clinical Psychologist Salary

The median clinical psychologist salary is $63,554  Clinical Psychologist Salary Stats MEDIAN SALARY - $63,554   TYPICAL HOURS - 40-60hrs Flexible UNEMPLOYMENT RATE - 1.7%  NUMBER OF JOBS - 309,700  What is a Clinical Psychologist? Psychologists get to help people each and every day, and most find it perfectly comfortable to live on a clinical psychologist salary. A Clinical

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Respiratory Therapists Salary

Respiratory Therapists Salary

The median Respiratory Therapists Salary is $58,554  Clinical Psychologist Salary Stats MEDIAN SALARY - $58,554   TYPICAL HOURS - 40-50hr Weekdays UNEMPLOYMENT RATE - 5.7%  NUMBER OF JOBS - 130,700  What is a Respiratory Therapist? The respiratory therapists examine, treat, care and diagnose the respiratory disorders in the patients. This includes the breathing problems and the other respiratory

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Vascular Sonographer Salary

Vascular Sonographer salary

Vascular Sonographer Salary Stats MEDIAN SALARY - $65,910  TYPICAL HOURS - 40-50hr Weekdays UNEMPLOYMENT RATE - 5.7%   WORK ENVIRONMENT - Hospitals, doctors's offices, laboratories  EDUCATION - Certification from ARDMS NUMBER OF JOBS - 122,002 What is a Vascular Sonographer? The vascular sonographer is specialized in identifying abnormalities and ensuring the well functioning of a patient’s complete vascular system. They

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