Insurance Adjuster Salary Guide [2018]

Loss Adjuster Inspecting Car Involved In Accident

Insurance Adjuster Average Salary $40,480 Insurance Adjuster Quick Stats $40,480 MEDIAN SALARY 2.7% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 109,700 NUMBER OF JOBS Property and casualty insurance is a product that protects people’s assets in various ways. Property insurance pays for the repair or replacement of a policyholder’s property, and casualty insurance is designed to indemnify an insured for claims of negligence where

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Insurance Broker Salary Guide [2018]

Average Salary for Insurance Broker is $49,710 Insurance Broker Salary Stats MEDIAN SALARY - $49,910    TYPICAL HOURS - 40-45hr Weekdays UNEMPLOYMENT RATE - 4.7%  NUMBER OF JOBS - 504,100  EDUCATION - DEGREE / Certification  GENDER RATIO - Male 75 % to Female 25 % What is an Insurance Broker? We consistently hear about the insurance broker and the

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Project Management Salary Guide [2018]

Project Management Salary Guide

Typical wages for Project Management is $72,858 USD [2018] Project Management Salary Stats MEDIAN SALARY - $72,858 10 YEAR JOB OUTLOOK  -  23.3% (Faster than average)  WORK ENVIRONMENT - Large corporations   EDUCATION - IT Degree, PM Certification NUMBER OF JOBS - 251,002 GENDER RATIO - Male 61 % to Female 39 % What is Project Management? The phrase this

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