Bus Driver Salary And Job Description Guide [2021]

Bus drivers drive various types of passengers to their destination. They may provide information on bus routes and schedules in addition to helping passengers onto the bus. They are in charge of collecting fares and tickets for bus rides.

Bus Driver Salary

The average bus driver salary depends on the type of transport you do. The average bus driver salary for school bus drivers is $29,000 per year. The average for transit bus drivers is $37,000 per year.

The amount that you make will depend on the type of bus you drive, your training and education, the amount of experience you have and more. Location is very important. The top states to work in for school bus drivers are California, Alaska, New York, Washington and Nevada. The average bus driver wage in these states ranges from $34,000 to $38,000 per year. For transit bus drivers the best states to work in with the highest bus driver salary are Ohio, California, New Jersey, Washington and New York. These states offer average bus driver pay rates of $41,000 to $48,000 per year. Bus driver wages may also vary due to the type of place you work. Spectator sports and entertainment bus drivers make the most money of any type of bus driver. The bus driver salary in these industries averages out to be from $52,000 to $53,000 per year. Government jobs also are among the highest paying industries.

Bus Driver Description

The main job of a bus driver is to drive a bus or other motorized transport vehicle along a scheduled route. They must comply with time schedules, traffic and driving regulations. It is their job to ensure that passengers make it to their destination on time and in a safe manner. They park vehicles in the loading area and allow passengers to board. They take fares and tickets from passengers. They advise passengers to be seated before the bus may depart. They may assist passengers on and off the bus as needed. They check vehicle gauges and systems before departure. They maintain a log book with information such as amount of passengers, fares collected, cash receipts and more. They handle any passenger emergencies and problems. They may report delays or accidents to dispatch. They regulate heating, lighting and air conditioning systems on the bus. Bus drivers need to know their route well as passengers may need information about the route.

Bus Driver Education

In order to become a bus driver, you will need your high school diploma in addition to your CDL license. All bus drivers must have a P endorsement for passengers or an S endorsement for school buses. Qualifications for obtaining your CDL endorsement vary by state so be sure to check with your state. Generally, you must pass both a written and skills test to obtain your CDL endorsement. P and S endorsements also require additional written and driving tests. Additional training is also required. This training is done on a driving course and will teach the student various maneuvers. They then will drive during light traffic hours and then begin to make practice runs typical of a normal bus route. New drivers will make regular trips with a trained driver on board for help and guidance. Some class time is also required where you will learn rules and regulations, state and city traffic laws, safe driving procedures and more. This training will take between one to three months to complete depending on the place you work.

Bus Driver Work Environment

The work environment for a bus driver is typically on a bus or some other type of transport vehicle. Bus drivers need to be able to handle highly stressful environments. They often have to diffuse upset passengers and will have to navigate the bus during high traffic and harsh weather conditions. Bus drivers need to be alert at all times and be able to maintain control of their bus and their passengers. There is a high level of injury for bus drivers due to the number of accidents on the road. The work schedule for bus drivers can vary due to the type of bus you drive. About sixty percent of bus drivers work a full time schedule of forty hours per week. Some drivers may work nights, weekends and early mornings.

Bus Driver Outlook

Bus drivers offer a very important service to their passengers. They must ensure the safety of their passengers while getting them where they need to be in a timely manner. The job outlook for bus driver is pretty good right now. There is an expected thirteen to fifteen percent increase in jobs in the coming years. This means that there will be an additional 83,000 new jobs added for bus drivers. This information alone makes becoming a bus driver a great idea for now and the future of your career.

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