Border Patrol Agent Salary Guide [Salary Guide 2021]

Border Patrol Salary

Average Salary for Border Patrol in the US is – $69,554

Border Patrol Salary Stats

  • $69,554 MEDIAN SALARY
  • 38-40 Incl Evening/Weekends TYPICAL HOURS
  • 109,700 NUMBER OF JOBS

What is a Border Patrol Agent Job?

A career in law enforcement, particularly the quest to become a border patrol agent will have you actually watching over the national boundaries of your country whether land or water boundaries. Your main rationale for enrolling in this career might be due to the lucrative border patrol Agent salary or any other factor like patriotism and nationalism to the country.

The amount of border patrol salary acquired by the Border Patrol officers may differ due to factors namely, experience in law enforcement, level of education received from all institutions including a border patrol academy and the degree of value in General Service(GS) salary scale.

Border Patrol services are catered by the federal employers who for instance, the United States allocate the agents with their border patrol salary putting in consideration the level of the officer on the General Service salary scale. Their border patrol salary amount may deviate due to some other satisfactory performances like extra duty.

To sum up, several other additional advantages such as pension at age of fifty years with at least twenty years of service, life insurances, health benefits, paid training, leave and promotions. Though this account for amount difference, GS-9 will be definitely be enjoying numerous of these additional benefits rather than the GS-7 and GS-5 respectively. These, of course, dictate that the GS-9 will obtain higher border patrol salary in comparison to the GS-7 and GS-5.

To many citizens and students undertaking diverse professions namely tourism, teaching, nursing, engineering among others; may go to an extent of thinking how dishonest their countries are granting an increase on border patrol salary to the officers responsible of border security. This is even without asking paying attention to the fact that the law and order maintained in their countries is, as a result, immeasurable efforts of Border Patrol Agents. Another reason border patrol salaries are good is that of the many risks agents face in doing this job. This brings in the fact that, the Border Patrol Agent’s lives are unpredictable on daily basis. On any occurrence of catastrophe, the degree of losing their lives outweighs the chances of further living whether uprightly or to cease living at all. So, is this an easy job to enrol? Not at all.

What does Border Patrol do?

Border patrol tasks, on the other hand, are in need of colleagues who are equipped with high and quality education and perfect skills. This is because agents are not only meant to handle the sophisticated ammunition and military firearms but also posses psychological tactics vital in dealing with issues and strenuous tasks associated with law and order. Nevertheless, the border patrol salary cannot even compensate to the incurring risk prescribed to the Border Patrol agents.

To this extent, a huge number of pursuers in law enforcement career, specifically as border patrol officers, devote themselves to study this field mainly motivated by their intrinsic interest on the course rather than focusing on the minimal border patrol salary. This factor ensures constant annual recruitment for border Patrol courses.

This annual absorption into this field as border Patrol Officers could increase if only people sat down to keenly scrutinize the risk involved in the career versus the amount of border patrol salary paid by the federal government to guard the international boundaries.

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