Insurance Adjuster Salary

Loss Adjuster Inspecting Car Involved In Accident

Insurance Adjuster Average Salary $40,480 Insurance Adjuster Quick Stats $40,480 MEDIAN SALARY 2.7% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 109,700 NUMBER OF JOBS Property and casualty insurance is a product that protects people’s assets in various ways. Property insurance pays for the repair or replacement of a policyholder’s property, and casualty insurance is designed to indemnify an insured for claims of negligence where

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Surgical Assistants salary

Surgical Assistants

The average annual income of surgical assistants is around $75 000 (US) Surgical Assistants Quick Stats $75,00 MEDIAN SALARY 1.7% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 70,700 NUMBER OF JOBS Surgical Assistant Job Description Surgical assistants advise the patients and explain to them everything concerning the operation that is to be performed. They also determine the surgical equipment that is to be

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Database Administrator Salary

careers database administrator

On average, the database administrator salary can be anywhere between $50,000 and $85,000 Database Administrator Salary Stats $60,480 MEDIAN SALARY 4.7% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 209,700 NUMBER OF JOBS What is a Database Administrator? In this new era of information technology, data and information are central and a key aspect of any company’s business activities. This data and information must

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Industrial Engineer Salary

industrial engineers salary

What does an Industrial Engineer do? A professional engineer who oversees all the operations like safety, efficiency, productivity, quantity and quality in manufacturing or production type of companies is an industrial engineer. Some of the popular industries where these professionals are hired and paid good salary packages include aerospace, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, transportation, automobile spare

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Clinical Psychologist Salary

Clinical Psychologist Salary

The median clinical psychologist salary is $63,554  Clinical Psychologist Salary Stats MEDIAN SALARY - $63,554   TYPICAL HOURS - 40-60hrs Flexible UNEMPLOYMENT RATE - 1.7%  NUMBER OF JOBS - 309,700  What is a Clinical Psychologist? Psychologists get to help people each and every day, and most find it perfectly comfortable to live on a clinical psychologist salary. A Clinical

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