Best jobs for work life balance for women [Top 5 Jobs for Women]


In the present times, women are also very focused on their respective careers. Once a couple decides to start a family, then it will be difficult for the lady to continue with her job if it is demanding.

Most of the jobs require clocking from morning to sundown and some also require a lot of travelling. When an additional member comes into the family, after a period of time it becomes imperative for the family to get the lady of the house earning some money. There are some jobs that can give women work-life balance, multitask the work and also spend the needed time at home and with family.

Here are some success tips for working women.

1. Web developers – Individuals who are comfortable with HTML and javascript can opt for this job. The work schedule needed for this job is flexible and women can work from home also. Companies are looking at outsourcing this work to individuals. Mother’s who are interested can get into contracts with small and medium-sized companies and carry on the work. The remuneration for the work is also very attractive.

2. Medical Assistants – This job is ideal for women, who want a set number of hours of work. The task involves assisting medical practitioners in their daily work. Currently a lot of scheduling and entering of medical reports can be done at home also. Women who want to do only weekend working schedule, can also choose to do so. Any individual with a basic degree and good communication skill can take up this work.

3. Travel websites – With all ticket booking going online, travel and tourism websites require individuals for the work. Many travel websites want only women for this work and the timing of work is fixed and you can plan your schedule well in advance. The best thing about the job is that it also comes with a reasonable amount of flexibility.

4. Technical writer – Technical writers are in demand and the work involves translating technical jargons to simple language, which is understandable by common man. The project runs strictly on deadlines and quality work. Women who have a flair for writing can opt for this job and they can set their schedule upfront.

5. Home baking – With parents keeping a huge budget aside for celebrating their children’s birthdays, this is an ideal job to take up. Women who are interested in cooking and baking can take up orders for a birthday, tea and other kitty parties. Orders can be taken for cakes and other snacks, according to the customer specifications. It provides good income and women can at all time be around children and family.

Many companies are open to women working on a part-time and flexible basis. Studies have proved that working by this method, makes the employees more loyal to the company. Employees are fully engaged, in comparison to an employee working a full day and who is partly engaged in their work. With the popularity of internet, there are a number of jobs, that can be done partly from office and home and women need not fret on not being able to contribute to the coffers of the household. They can achieve a perfect job, that gives them ample work-life balance.

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