Beautician Salary And Job Description [2021]

Beauticians are beauty professionals that provide a variety of beauty services including hair cutting, coloring, tinting, styling, makeup, facials and more. They typically work in beauty salons and other types of beauty service centers.

Beautician Salary

The average national beautician salary is $26,000 per year or $13 an hour.

Many beauticians supplement their pay with tips from clients. Location is important when it comes to the beautician income. Many states offer higher pay rates for beauticians. This is due to a higher need for these beauty professionals in addition to a higher rate of living in some states. The top states to work in that offer the best beautician salary are Maryland, South Carolina, Washington, Hawaii and Washington, DC. In Maryland the beautician wage is about $30,000 per year. South Carolina offers a beautician pay rate of $31,000 per year.Washington state has a beautician salary of $34,000 per year. In Hawaii the average for beauticians is at $35,000 per year. The top beautician salary can be found in Washington, DC. In this area the salary averages out to be in the $49,000 per year range. The amount that you are offered for your salary will depend on your experience, education, type of clients you deal with among other things. Additional pay increases may come from bringing in new clients and developing your own services and products.

Many beauticians also see clients outside of work for additional income.

For Example, Sian Smith a Beautician at Facial Exercises Guide is earning USD 26,500 after 2 Year in Austin Texas

Beautician Description

Beauticians provide several different beauty services. Along with these services they have various job duties. They may have to schedule appointments for additional beauty treatments or for new clients. They have to keep their workstations clean and make sure that all tools are sanitized.

Beauticians may have to take payments and tips and typically know how to use the cash register. They may cut, shape and trim client’s hair or hairpieces. They need to know how to use razors, clippers, scissors and more. Beauticians may also bleach, dye and tint hair by using an applicator brush. They may shampoo and condition a customers hair or hairpiece. They demonstrate and provide information on different hair care and skin products. They may apply make up and facial treatments. Many beauticians may develop new styles and techniques for their clients including skin care and make up products.

Beauticians will also provide hair care and skin care tips for their clients.

Beautician Education

Beauticians will need to get the skills and training that they need to complete their job by attending a state approved course for beauticians.

This course typically takes about a year to complete and will get you ready to take your state exam upon graduation.

Course work will include:

  • hair cutting,
  • hairstyling,
  • wig maintenance,
  • bleaching and tinting,
  • perms and relaxers,
  • hair types,
  • conditioning and hair repair,
  • communications,
  • sanitation and sterilization techniques

Class work will include projects to be completed also. Training will include in class work along with on hands work with mannequins and real people. After graduation you will need to take a state board exam to become licensed. This will involve a written and practical test. Some states may require a oral exam in addition to the written and practical test. It is best to check with your state for all the requirements that must be met in order to obtain your license.

Once you have your license you are able to start working for yourself and seeing clients in your own home or open your own business. Many beauticians also rent a workstation from an already established salon or spa.

Beautician Work Environment

The work environment for a beautician is typically clean, sterile and well maintained.

It is typically well lit and temperature controlled. Most beauticians work in beauty salons and barbershops. Some may work in spas, hotels and resorts. Some may be employed as personal stylists to the stars or in a morgue. Some may work from their own homes, for a company or even open their own business.

The work schedule for beauticians varies. Some work part time and some work full time. Self employed beauticians may work longer than normal hours however they are able to make their own schedule. Weekend and night hours are common in this profession.

Beautician Outlook

It is the job of a beautician to help make the world more beautiful.

This is a career that involves working with people of all walks of life so it is perfect for someone who is social and likes to talk to people.

The job outlook for beauticians is also very good. There is a fourteen percent increase expected in the job market. What does this mean for you? It means that by 2020 there will be an additional 101,000 jobs added to the market. This means that finding a good job will not be hard to do.

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